COS and Snarkitecture collaborate on an art installation in Seoul

Fashion label COS and Snarkitecture, a New York-based art and architecture studio, have announced their partnership on an immersive art installation in Seoul which launches November 2017.

Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, the design duo behind Snarkitecture, drew inspiration from the Swedish brand’s values and collections to create an interactive display that will invite guests to contemplate and explore its environment. Expect to see thousands of glass marbles in motion, travelling around the room — we’re sure it’ll be mesmerising.

COS and Snarkitecture
Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, founders of Snarkitecture. Image credit: Snarkitecture

This marks Snarkitecture’s third collaboration with COS, to which the brand’s creative director Karin Gustafsson commented, “Their experimental style and ability to engage with people through interesting uses of materials really strikes a chord with us. We are delighted to bring this installation to Seoul – a vibrant and dynamic city that resonates strongly with our brand.”

Previously, COS and Snarkitecture teamed up to create a pop-up store in Austere at Los Angeles, where they merged reflections and monochromatic hues with a selection of the fashion brand’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Silhouettes of the clothing pieces were cut from a sheet of metal as a nod to the collection’s structured clothing forms, while the mirrored walls “[acted] as a threshold between the monochromatic all-white environment, and that of its mirror image on the other side,” said the team at Snarkitecture.

Building on the monochromatic aspect of the installation, one room was all white, while the other room was coated entirely in pale pink, referencing the warm copper and pink shades in the fashion collection.

COS and Snarkitecture
Thousands of glass marbles will travel throughout the exhibition room.

Said Arsham and Mustonen: “We’re very excited to continue our series of collaborations with COS for Snarkitecture’s first project in Seoul. The installation merges the technical sensibility of the latest COS collection with Snarkitecture’s approach to create a playful and interactive environment.”

The installation will be housed in The Gana Art Center, located in Pyeongchang-dong, Seoul and will run from 8 to 19 November 2017.

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